Monday Muse: Belated Inspiration Part 3

So clearly I am out of work mode where I started forgetting what day it is! I need to live my a calendar and checklist it turns out. So I am reading this new book while I am off. It is actually really good. It is called Essentialism. The premise is that if we did less better we could all be performing at our optimal balance between work, family, friends, and other life commitments. So as I embark on a new journey at a new company with a new team to manage and mandate, I have been thinking a lot about what is essential to for me to be successful in my job, in my family life, etc.

That said, the question of the week is what is essential as a new boss of a new team? What are the best things to build rapport, bring the team together to create a new joint mandate, change and improve culture and employee engagement?

I have narrowed down three things for me to get right with my new team… 1) Establish a common purpose & destination (what success looks like) for the team; 2) Give everyone the chance to see themselves and each other differently than Sally who comes in 5 min late everyday (or whatever brand they have built internally); 3) Focus on what is essential for our role within the company and the company itself to be successful — establish a plan to help achieve that; 4) Have fun with each other in new activities, thought starters and inspiration doses.

What else should a new boss/manager be thinking about? What would you hope your new bosses/managers would do?

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