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[BALTIMORE] A newly formed non-profit in the Charm City is investing in future media professionals with a cost-efficient media program.

The Asiffo Project — named after one of the brands former writers — focuses on teaching multimedia services to teenagers in the Baltimore/Washington D.C area. Students in the project learn photography, videography, journalism, and broadcasting to cover events and possibly began a career in media as a freelancer.

The project uses sports as the tool to teach the participants simple and cost-effective ways to tell the story.

Founder and Program Director, Kendall Hilton, believe this project can help eliminate the false narratives around the black communities. …

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(Credit: Arizona Daily Star)

Existing without live sports has been awful. I wrote a piece about surviving as a sports fan during the pandemic, but the itch for live-action is becoming worse.

Consequently, I proceeded to consume the KBO, Korean Baseball.

My son didn’t want to participate in bedtime, so to help him fall asleep, I laid in his bed. Two hours later, I was waking up, not even realizing I was sleep. The late-night cat nap kept me awake into the twilight hours. Korean Baseball popped up on my television while seeking something to watch.

I followed a game, listen to the commentary, and somewhat entertained, but something was missing. …

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Starting a non-profit company can be morally gratifying. You get the chance to address an issue that plagues our society. A personal belief is that non-profit companies can do a better job of answering matters directly and more efficiently than government organizations, who sometimes fall to corruption.

Countries in Africa see this issue often. Government officials for decades have used improper benefits to support their lifestyles and not those whom they serve. This problem is prevalent in all industries, especially sports. South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup — which was supposed to be the defining experience to reshape soccer in Africa.

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Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

When the France National Football Team won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it sparked reactions from the international sports world. Not because it was the first time Les Bleus won the World Cup in 20 years or how dominant they looked in the final against Croatia.

It was the number of athletes with African roots on the 23-man roster.

Fifteen players, the majority of which key players, had connections to the continent. …

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Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash

Amazon Web Services makes another impact on the tech industry, increasing its real estate in the global market with its new region, AWS Africa.

Amazon announced the launch of AWS Africa, hatching in Cape Town, South Africa. AWS Africa is the first region in Africa, consisting of three Availability Zones. The Cape Town Region provides organizations infrastructure scalability and lower latency to end users across Sub-Saharan Africa. The new launch expands AWS influence, now with 23 Regions and 73 Availability Zones across the globe, serving customers in over 190 countries.

It continues AWS investments in South Africa, introducing Direct Connect in 2017, Amazon CloudFront in 2018, and two new locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Through AWS Africa, entrepreneurs, and organizations can utilize secure infrastructure services for world-class security, availability of compliance, and data protection. …

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April 29th, 2015 will forever be apart of Baltimore’s history.

My history.

It was a day when civil unrest in the city of Baltimore, home of the O’s, led to MLB officials deciding to close the gates to Camden Yards; but the Orioles and Chicago White Sox, still, played ball.

The attendance for that game: zero.

It was the first time in MLB history where zero fans when in attendance for a game. This is a rarity when it comes to the major American sports league. International soccer leagues often close its door to have crowd-less games. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many other sporting events and leagues to perform behind closed doors. MLB’s 2020 season is currently postponed and could feature some games without any fans this season. …

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I was born into a family of strong women. Grandmothers, aunts, cousins, all of them were strong.

One, in particular, Chandralynn Marcella Hilton, personified what it meant to be a strong woman.

March 29, 1969.

Her born day. A day I’ve forgotten many times because as a child, you’re naturally inconsiderate.

The way I came into this world was inconsiderate. On a snowy Friday, my mother went into labor while getting some food at McDonald's. Her water broke while waiting in the line to order. An ambulance was called and she never got a chance to eat.

That was my first act of inconsideration. …

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Via Family photo album. My grandmother and grandfather in the early 80s.

There is no guide on how to be a black man- especially a black man in America.

Some black men look towards resources like the bible, advice from other men (specifically older), or internet articles, such as this one. The same tune plays in our mind everyday…

“Am I being the best man I can be right now?”

The notion of being the best comes from our natural instinct of dominance. Other than sports, I watch nature documentaries. Nature shows like LIFE and PLANET EARTH, provide me a better understanding of human’s natural instincts. We’re animals, just civilized ones. …

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(AP Photos)

It’s the NFL offseason and a month away from the 2020 NFL Draft, which means it’s time to release some mock drafts.

The first round of the Draft is set for April 23rd, second round April 24th, and the remaining rounds on April 25th.

Due to the Coronavirus, the NFL announced the draft will be streamed with zero fans in attendance. ABC, NFL Network, and the ESPN App will broadcast the draft.

With teams filling roster spots through free agency, the first round of the NFL draft is about building the future. …

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(Getty Images)

The Coronavirus has stripped sports fans everywhere of game action, but the NFL has used this period to dominate the headlines with many roster moves.

The NFL free agency period doesn’t begin officially until 4 p.m. eastern time on March 18, but teams have already made changes and announced some unofficial signings.

DeAndre Hopkins Traded to The Arizona Cardinals

This was the first blockbuster move of the NFL offseason. Many fans speculated why the Texans would make this move (that was even denied on Madden 20) and it could only be one reason; they didn’t want to pay him.

The Texans and Hopkins agreed to a five-year deal $81 million deal in 2017, with an average base salary of 16.5 million. Hopkins was due to receive $12.5 million for the 2020 season, but the trade clears that amount off the Texans cap. Ironically, the Texans gave wide receiver, Randall Cobb, $40 million, $17 of which is guaranteed. …



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