Lost & Found

When I was younger,
I had an assortment of them
Fresh and new

I never paused to 
Give thanks to those who
Gave with love

When I was younger,
I carried them with me to
Share with others

Sometimes they would 
Give great praise, or
Laugh with me and share their own

As I grew older, I found myself
Unable to find what I had, and 
Unable to claim new ones

Others share among us with
Palaver and laughter,
While I remain in silent acrimony…

In the silence of the long dark,
I watch mine fade and mold,
Unable to understand why

What was once wholesome
Is now unappreciated, unattainable, but my
Tears are plentiful

Long ago I lost one,
Something small but powerful;
A broken specter that haunts me still

Where it went I’ll never know
Where I left it is no longer there
Yet I feel it’s presence

Beyond the veil, a gentle voice calls to me 
Whispering, “I am near.”
But it is ever the elusive trickster…

Guided by the Light,
At long last in the
Dark, forlorn halls I find one

As bright as a thousand stars
My eyes flush, my heart aflame
My soul sings in praise!

Beloved, forgive how I lost thee
Careless, reckless, naïve am I!
How could I lose so precious a thing?

Perhaps I cannot have another,
But you are mine
And I cherish you so

I am beset by the
Gloom of twilight
Pray, stay with me a while

Take me back to better days
With seas of greens, blues, and yellows
Of smiles, joys, and laughter

I give you my hand in love,
To share once more
To bond once more

By and © Enrique R. Inocencio