Divine “Internet”vention

Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a deity’s active involvement in the human world. Divine “Internetvention” is a way of life we creators are manifesting every single day by contributing our ideas, pictures and videos online.

As a creator I aspire to influence the world in a postive way. With content at our finger tips every single day we are able to influence others in so many ways. Musicians, artists, writers and even entrepreneurs are now changing our lives daily with their ideas and execution.

Life is a combination of ideas and expeiernces. With the internet exploding across the world 24/7 we are simply enhancing our minds and insights at a higher pace than humanity has ever experienced before. As our brains continue to inhale all of this online content we are able to continue evolving, but at a faster rate.

Instead of thinking of divine intervention as a miracle from a “God” I like to consider this new involvement in each other’s lives as a powerful way to make a vital difference for those who need it the most or are just looking to change their lives for the better.

As we move forward with our ideas, dreams and creations let us be reminded by all of the talents and innovative thinkers that have come before us and contributed to the long list of mankind creations. Philosophers, artists, filmmakers and musicians have all assisted in the growth of humanity.

Say hello and lets get connected!

Kyle Notkin