Suicide, Entrepreneurship, and The Road Home
Benjamin Foley

I commend you for acknowledging the problem and finding solutions that worked for you. Not everyone can. I would just point out that situational depression, which everyone gets, is not a chronic condition, at least to start with. To be depressed because you have lost a job, had someone dear to you die, or any other event that is sad is not an abnormal response. incidentally, having events that are happy can still cause similar feelings — there are two kinds of stress: distress (sad) and eustress (happy), but they are both stress and both can cause similar physical and mental upheavals.
Chronic depression is a DISEASE, it requires medication to help the brain get out of the (literal) rut of feeling depressed. Chronic depression is not just a feeling of sad…it is because you have “an inability to be present. (Lawrence Yeo) It is not based on specific events, but rather is a particular path in the brain, etched in by the chemicals (hormones, usually) that are caused by the disease. It’s a street that will never go to the place you want to be, but without external help (medication), will never go.
Using all the types of treatment you have mentioned here becomes an added benefit, a useful auxiliary method for dealing with chronic depression. It helps the sufferer to focus on other things, to do specific calming exercises and in that way, increases the usefulness of the medication. 
Being chronically depressed is not the same thing as “feeling sad”. Instead, it is almost a complete lack of any feeling — not being present, in your own life and the world around you.
Everyone gets depressed; some have it as their “default mode” (chronic depression). Whatever it takes to get you back into life, back into doing the things you love…medication AND OR therapy, that’s what you do. There is no stigma in needing chemical help — think of it as being diabetic and needing insulin. 
Whether it’s chronic or not, depression sucks. Thank you for sharing your story and giving some ideas for others to use in their journey!

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