A love letter to teenage me
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I don’t know how to tell someone about what I’m feeling when I don’t really understand it myself.

I’m sure it’s a case of trial and error, finding something that works for me, but if anyone would like to respond with where they think I could start I’d be open to suggestions.”

Taking you at your word. I suggest getting it out in one medium or another. (See what I did there? Haha) If words are your thing, then write — even if it’s just a list of words that pop into your head. If you can do whole sentences, go for it.

If words fail you, try crayons or paint or markers or chalk or whatever will let you pour out the feelings in color/s on paper, the wall, a sidewalk…

Create a playlist of songs for which you have specifically assigned mood values. Play the appropriate/mostly appropriate/nearest thing to appropriate song for yourself and for the others when they ask how you are feeling.

And while it can be really hard, probe those feelings like a tongue deciding if *that* tooth has a cavity or not.

Make cards to hand out that look sort of like this:

I have no words, no way of expressing what I am feeling. But it’s (choose all applicable possibilities): sad funny blue shiny rain twitches circular heavy love scary silent big distaste house (And so on, you get the idea.)

When all else fails, go for the “interpretive dance” option.

Most of all, just hang in there and keep communicating, even if you end up having to learn Boy Scout signals.


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