The Day Reading Died
Charles Chu

Thank you!! I have read fiction, mostly science, for most of my life. I have only recently added non-fiction, but only here on Medium.

Fiction is absolutely necessary. How else could we explore all the many “other” ways there are to live, to be? How else would we learn about foreign lands, people, ideas? How else could we try on other genders, other ages, other sorts of people? How could we dream about the future or remember the past, beyond the pale shadows of statistics, facts, and measurable items…to learn about our own history and to better understand how we got to where we are — on every level: personal, local, statewide, national, global.

Even “bad” fiction can teach a lesson, if only to not write more of it.

The only caveat is that is it fiction, even that which is based upon facts. But “Make Believe” is one of the first games children learn; they experiment with toys, parents, other children, the world around them to learn who they are and what their part of the world is. Imagination is vital to innovation. We would not be an industrial, modern society without the daydreams of the inventors, who worked to make those dreams real.

Never stop reading fiction. It’s what separates the thinkers from…those who prefer not to think.

And then she rode off, into the sunset, on her glossy black horse.

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