How My Best Friend Sexually Assaulted and Emotionally Manipulated Me for A Year
Roslyn Talusan

Thank you for sharing your words. It takes courage to write anything and put it out into the wide world. It takes solid gold balls (so to speak) to write about this. And isn’t it just grand, how many asshats from the Internet seem to think they know better about you, and what happened to you, than…ummm…you do. Your reply to “Feng White” should/could have been the answer to all of them: “He raped me.”

Friends don’t rape friends. It’s that fucking simple. Because the minute they do, they stop being friends and become rapists. And nothing they can say or do afterwards changes that.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Stay strong — and ignore the trolls. I hope they never have to deal with a similar situation but I would probably have at least one small giggle if they did.

Here’s Grumpy Cat for you:

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