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The most obvious response: DO NOT FLY UNITED.

I get it, the United employees had to get to their own planes, or 4 more planes would have been delayed…the needs of the many over the needs of the few, or the one. <SARCASM FONT>

If United is pulling in big bucks (“made $2.3 billion in profit last year”), why didn’t they just buy their employees tickets…on another airline? They could have gone in civilian clothes, they didn’t have to travel in their uniforms, no one would have ever known. Like they don’t put their own passengers on other airlines when they cancel their plane.

This is a terrifying glimpse of the nasty underbelly of our corporate Overlords. It’s our current time, not some dystopian future, when an entity (NOT a person!!) can assault someone and get away with it — and not just “someone” but a person who is paying money to the entity specifically for a service that it provides. Wait, what?

“Hi, I’d like a SuperDuper hamburger, with pickles and mustard. I want fries with that and a” — <sounds of breaking wood, women’s screams, babies crying and men swearing…pan back to see the customer now hogtied and gagged.> “NOBODY ORDERS OUR HAMBURGER WITHOUT LETTUCE, TOMATOES AND ONIONS!! YOU HEAR ME?? NOBODY!!” screamed at the customer from the SuperDuper SWAT team’s captain,who is holding a grenade launcher to his head. The customer loses control of his bladder and bowels.

Go ahead, laugh. It’s funny, right?

Not so much.

“Fly the friendly skies” must mean that on the ground, your ass is ours.

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