Being a Mother makes me a better technologist:
amelia abreu

Welcome to the world of technological child-rearing! Isn’t it a wonderful and wild trip?

My own children are grown and have children of their own. (So apparently I did a good enough job that they were willing to breed some of their own.) I miss the two little people who used to come talk to me and when I didn’t know the answers, we’d look them up together on the (relatively new) World Wide Web. I miss seeing the world through their eyes, to experience once again the thrill of seeing a tree so tall that you’d have to lay on your back to look up at the top of it…to discover strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream and puppies for the first time, again.

Nothing else I have ever done or will ever do can match the thrill, the honor, the unspeakable drudgery and sheer hard work, and the wonder of having children and being their mother, their guide to this world they are discovering.

I am glad that you are in the club!