Confucius and His Political Philosophy, How To Change The World.

Born in 552 B.C, in an age of confusion in which China was not the powerful state it once was, but now a broken state of feuding and Rivalry, Confucius came up with a formula to restore the health of his country.

This formula can be used to change the world.

His formula was this: “To change the world you must change the nation, to change the nation you must change its people, to change its people you must change the families, to change the families you must change the Self, to change the Self you must change your Heart, to change your Heart you must change your mind, to change your mind you must change your thoughts, to change you thoughts you must INVESTIGATE KNOWLEDGE – seeing things as they really are.”

I hope you kept up with that!

The root cause of changing the world is Knowledge!

So the chain reaction of increasing your knowledge would be :

Knowledge > change Thoughts > change mind> change heart > change self > change families > change nation > Change World!

Knowledge acquisition is so important to world change but Confucius was more specific, he said to investigate knowledge. So don't just take what you read but investigate what you are learning to find the truth. Try and experiment to see what works and how things really are. Thats the way clarity is formed.

To see how things as they really are gives you a great advantage over other people. A clear life is a good life.

Clear thoughts, Clear Mind, Clear Purpose, Clear Action.

Confucius also added that “ the greatest fortune of a people would be keep ignorant persons from public office, and secure their wisest men to rule them”. Powerful. If only this mentality was implemented in todays society what a world we would live in!

Knowledge is a foundational pillar of Greatness.

Be strong 👊

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