Film-of-the-day – Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie – based on the life of Louis Zamperini.

Louis Zamperini fought in WW2 just after he won a Gold medal at the Olympics.

His plane crashed in the middle of the ocean and he was on a raft with no food or water for 48 days!!

During this time he had to fight off sharks while a fighter plane was shooting at him. Now If that doesn’t blow you away I don’t know what will.

He barely survived, and was captured by the Japanese being made a POW.

Practical Takeaways from the movie :

1) See everything as a challenge, even the worst situations should be seen as a challenge, otherwise the human spirit will be crushed.

One officer was brutal to Louis regularly but he refused to give up, and saw his survival against this man as a challenge.

2) Be prepared for worst case scenarios always. Prepare when it easy. Louis Zamperini knew at what depth you need to swim to be able to avoid machine gun fire. He also practised holding his breath for a long time and could hold his breath for 15 minutes under water, this skill eventually saved his life.

3) Survival is more likely when you have a group. Always remember, one guy on the raft with Louis died because he stopped communicating with the others. His brain began to fry. Work with. others to help you survive, humans are social as a survival mechanism. Work together for success.

Louis Zamperini – The ultimate survivor.

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