Muhammad Ali – What It Really Takes To Become Great From The “Greatest Of All Time”.

Firstly if you do not know Ali’s story you must educate yourself immediately. He is one of the most recognised Human beings of ALL time, and it is for good reason.

Imagine you are one of the biggest celebrities at the peak of your career. You have vast amounts of money, power, fame, respect and an adoring fan base. Globally recognised as a future great, and a master of your craft.

Now imagine you give it all up, and i mean everything even your own freedom, just because of a belief that killing the innocent is wrong. THAT is exactly what Muhammad Ali did.

Currently there are many wars going on in the world be they right or wrong, not many celebrities would stand up to speak about them let alone give their careers up and go to jail just out of principle.

Hard Choices!

These hard choices in your life will propel you to a level of greatness you could not imagine.

Lets analyse how Ali did it. How did he make the hard choice and how did it make him return as a legend after 3.5 years out of a sport in which he was champion?

Ali gave up his peak years as an athlete due to his belief that no innocent man, woman or child deserves to be killed. What Ali did reminds me of the economics principle of trade-offs. “To get one thing, you have to give up something else.”

Muhammad Ali was no economics expert but he was a very smart man. He knew that he had to give up his title, rank, and freedom to state a strong enough message to the world that this was wrong. He gave up freedom to get a message across to the world.

Had he had to spend years of his life in jail, he at least would not have regrets, or worse blood on his hands from going to war. He used his influence in a way not many others have ever dared! Fearless!

He gave the ultimate sacrifice but in return he got Greatness.

In your life, in your quest to be great, ask yourself what you are willing to give up.

Be Strong & Learn from Ali. 👊