Cities are calmer,less productive but more peaceful,wheels have halted , involuntarily and temporarily.

One thing that stands out here is that some countries are really way better at navigating through this crisis which is unprecedented in nature.

Theories of virus not surviving in high temperature have been put forward by self proclaimed epidemiologists.

One thing that clearly is quite inexplicable is how Singapore dealt with it.

It was one of the first ones to shut the airport to stop the virus outbreak,being densely populated the risk was quite high for them.

Eventually they started incentivizing the crowd and promoting self quarantine.

As high as 70$ were being paid to citizens who volunteered to restrict their own movement in the country.

The case fatality rate here is unimaginably low.

At 0.071% it is really nailing the game.

The recovery is close 50% which gives us immense hope.

They have left no stone unturned even in testing department,tested ~50,000/million population.

They truly set an example by showing a proactive approach and being at their toes when comes to fighting the virus.

We must learn and make more people aware about this marvelous job the government has done.

I think Singapore is not just crazy rich Asians ,it has a government citizens trust and have faith.

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