Accelerating the development of the Knowledge Economy in countries around the world is a tough challenge but one that is worth our ever increasing efforts. Many people believe that the spread of education and the realization of more entrepreneurial opportunities is one of the best ways to counter violent extremism and to fight censorship and attempts to limit digital access. The Knowledge Economy is complex and yet people intuitively know Bill Clinton’s “In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn.” The Knowledge Economy requires life-long learning in an ever changing world of work, and a shorthand way of advocating for this is the “Eric” paradigm — Education, research, innovation, and commercialization. Countries as diverse as India, Indonesia, and the UAE have leaders that often advocate for transforming their countries into knowledge economies. The opportunities to bring more people into the many growing knowledge economies around the world exceeds 5 billion so I’m glad Google Jigsaw is investing in putting the pieces together.

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