America’s Election

Trump is the problem America had a long time ago and they just figuring out; oops we have a problem? Hillary has been the problem, lying to get “Votes.” You can see this trend from the 2008 debate with Barack Obama.The Benghazi scandals, voters fraud, the derogatory comment from the 90’s and the list goes on. A real woman stands where she stands and doesn’t flip-flop on issues. For Trump, hate does not always win.

Love overcomes hate. We are now left with these two “unqualified” individuals, either one we are still screw. Don’t vote for Hillary because her husband was the President, vote like your life depends on it. Don’t vote for people because you stand with your party, vote for them because of their actions.

Our success does not make us a human, our actions does. How we treat our fellow beings matters more than how much we got in the bank.They all speak of good but wait until they get in. The truth of the matter is, these folks doesn’t care about ordinary citizens like you and me.They care about making history and working for the elite.‪#‎That‬’sthetruth#Inyourface.

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