Hillary’s Clinton “Deplorable” Comments.

Speaking the Truth with no FEAR. Hillary Clinton may have been unwise to say half of Donald J. Trump’s supporters are racists and other “deplorable.” But she wasn’t wrong. She was right. The only thing she didn’t assert is that they are also “SEXIST.” They fear “STRONG” women and sees her Presidency as the weak side of America. Because some don’t believe that “America” should have a female President.

To some, it shows a weak side of America.There’s no rationality within that form of thinking. This is not the 1600’s, women are just as powerful as men and can do anything they put their mind too.

According to to the Washington Post “The American National, Election Studies asked voters in 2012 a fundamental test of prejudice: to rank black and white people on a scale from hardworking to lazy and from intelligent to unintelligent. The researchers discovered that 62 percent of white people gave black people a lower score in at least one of the attributes. This was a jump in prejudicial positions from 2008 when 45 percent of white people displayed negative stereotypes. Republican Mitt Romney won 61 percent of those who showed negative stereotypes.”(Milbank, 2016)

I have individually met with a lot of Trump’s supporters. Some of the things that they have to say about Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks and President Obama is shocking. It makes you wonder that people in this country still hold racist, Islamophobic, Nativist and bigoted views. After 500 years, some people are still programmed to think that other races are inferior, and they are superior.When people are programmed to think one way, they act one way.

It makes you wonder which directions this country is headed. When President Obama was elected “racism” skyrocketed. Because some people within their sick minds think and still believes that he was born in “KENYA” and is a “MUSLIM.”New polls show that Barack has improved this country’s economy and better its image abroad. From an educated standpoint, Candidates with viewpoints like Trump should have never come this far. But aye, America still has its old ways. Racism is sickening, and it’s well and alive. Mess around and elect Trump; we would have worse than the Bush’s era.