Liberia Economic Freedom Fighters: Is the Future of Liberia.

Liberia Economic Freedom Fighters is a Democratic Socialist Economic Emancipation Movement, which motives are to fight for the economic rights for all Liberians. This movement was created in 2015, by Liberian-Americans, as the next chapter in uplifting (Liberia) country before self. They believe that it is the rights for all Liberians to benefits from their country’s natural resources. Their motive is speaking truth to power. They also believe that it’s time that young “Liberians” take the future into their hands, instead of depending on corrupt elected leaders that have failed the masses.

The L.E.F.F. asserts, “We want proper health care, suitable jobs with good wages, good roads, more schools in small villages and towns for all Liberians. We want a sustainable middle class, not a privileged class. The elite 1%. (They know themselves).We want a sustainable distribution of wealth. We want a developed border with our next-door-neighbors; not the one that makes our country looks like a joke to our neighbors that anybody can fly in or cross over at any time. We need to empower more Liberian women because when we educate our women, we would be in a proper position to bestow Liberia.”

The founder of this emancipation movement is Henry Johnson Jr. Mr. Johnson is a Liberian-American Actor, Writer, Poet, Director, Filmmaker, World Traveler, Humanitarian and Social Activist. He draws strength from a common history that bonds him to the land and the people of Liberia. Because of the Liberian first civil war, his parents fled Liberia when he was six years old, then moved to the United States. He had spent much of his life schooling in the U.S.A. and also traveling the world. He had been to Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

On his father side of the family, his uncle Aaron T. Johnson Sr did forty years in the AFL (Arm Forces of Liberia) and had served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Arm Force of Liberia, as immediately subordinate to General Abdurrahman.

Henry’s uncle: Deputy Chief of Staff
Henry’s uncle: Deputy Chief of Staff
Henry’s uncle: Deputy Chief of Staff

On his mother side of the family, he have Bodioh Wisseh, his uncle. A Liberian activist who stood up to Charles Ghankay Taylor (Liberia’s EX-President). A great man that most Liberians have not heard of. Henry asserts “His moves to Colorado and the few times I spend with him before his passing in 2011, I came to understand that the love for country is powerful than just words with no actions. He had always spoken the truth with love and because of this, he was an even greater threat to the previous regime before the ones of Ellen. His spirit lived in me and the fight for a “FREE” and developed Liberia continues. If it wasn’t for him and others, Liberians wouldn’t be enjoying the peace they have today. He’s the founder of Radio Free Liberia and the Coalition of progressive Liberians in the Americas. He was also a true friend to the Liberian father of democracy (Gabriel Bacchus Matthews).

Activist Bodioh Siapoe (R.I.P)


Bodioh Siapoe as his uncle was known, was not just a petite Liberian politician. Hanging out with him, Henry Johnson Jr understood that his uncle did not give into fear. He was on BBC and every other news outlet and voicing the cry of the Liberian people. Henry asserts, “I can remember it like yesterday, the first time I hear him on “BBC,” I was just a boy and my father told me, “that’s your uncle Henry, talking again, against injustice in Liberia. When I got to know him, he was more than a father. He had connections and was willing to give his life for his country to be free from dictatorial rule. I hope he was still alive today, he would be speaking against Ellen’s Presidency and rallying up Liberians in Colorado and connecting them with the ones on the east coast and back home.”

In early 2013, Johnson founded 1847 Films to help promote Liberia’s nationalism. In 2014, he graduated (Colorado Film School) CFS with an Associate Degree, in General, Studies of Arts. Colorado Film School is one of the top 25 Film Schools in the United States and the world. In May, he should be graduating with a major in Strategic Communications and a minor in Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver.

“A true revolution is about making those who are comfortable with corruption, uncomfortable. It’s about pointing your fingers in the right direction and with nothing but the truth, will comes power. A power not to exploit the Liberian people. But an ability to restore liberty, justice, and prosperity for all.” — Henry Johnson Jr

Why the L.E.F.F? Why can’t you just join an already formed party? He asserts, “ The key question here is why economies grow, diversify, and become more productive and fruitful? What would allow Liberian citizens to permanently liberate themselves from having no jobs to finding suitable jobs in future constructed modern cities, factories, law offices, research labs, banks, and hospitals? Why have other countries in Africa has been able to accumulate capital that they can use to foster even more productive economic activity? That we want to address, that the old ideas are not working and slow progress is not what Liberia needs.”

The question that the L.E.F.F. would constantly face in the future would be “How are they going to change Liberia?” This question could be easily answer now by one of Henry’s quote.“You can’t build Liberia without developing the minds of Liberians.” ― Henry Johnson Jr.

The LEFF believes that individual decisions of free and independent financial systems will lead to a more efficient allocation of resources. As people tries to maximize their gain, the Liberian society as a whole would gradually become better off. This might seems like Capitalistic ideologies, but it is another course that Liberia can take. By allowing the market to work freely leads to prosperity for all Liberians.The L.E.F.F. is on a good footing, but would it be just a dream or is it the future of Liberia?