Liberia Matters

Someone told me to “Stopped” posting how I feel about the situation in Liberia because the day I visit, it would be my last day visiting. I want to see that day. I am not afraid of no one and not even the installed government that they got in place. I will keep on speaking against injustice, through social media, and in person. Whether if it’s Africa or America.
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

My advice to Western countries that put money in the present Liberian government’s hands would be, treat them like a child, if you want to do for Liberia, go, and do for Liberia. Don’t trust anyone, not even the present government, because they are all out to enrich themselves.
It is saddening that Africa’s oldest Republic is far behind the rest of other African nations because of unpatriotic leaders and some of the most corrupt individuals that you can ever find in the world. These individuals would build mud house with zinc and calls it development. If you want to develop “Liberia”, how about taking the time to sign contracts with the Chinese, Japanese or Koreans? To be honest, “Monrovia” is not competitive with any cities I have visited in the world.

I can assure you that Amb George Weah is by far the greatest patriotic Liberian to ever lived. Some of you are afraid to see him get elected, because if he wins, your chopping mouth would be closed. So you would find anything to stop this man. If education was the path to development in Liberia, then many of the past leaders who went to colleges in Europe and America and gained “Common Sense” should have developed it and respected democracy and progressivism.

But instead, they became tyrannical, forgetting to know that being a “President” of a country is not a “KINGDOM or an “EMPIRE.” It’s a job. A “President” is an employee of the people, not a chief of the “SONGHAY” Kingdom. If the President is not upholding the constitution, she or he needs to be impeached.

Call Weah, uneducated but he’s better than some of you who took war to your country and killed thousands. Oh, yes, you guys were educated and still is. What has your education done for the Liberian people? Besides exploiting your nations’ resources and handing it over to the West. The things that he has done for Liberia even some of you cold bowl shop politicians will not do. That’s just facts and by me stating facts doesn’t mean I endorsed Weah or any of you cold bowl shop politicians for President

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