MADIBA: The Man the West never knew.

The perception of Nelson Mandela as a selfless, pure, Freedom Fighter became comfortable, generous old man, is well settled in the West. They have managed to brainwashed the world about the lives they want us to accept. Well, the only life that I do accept is the life of Jesus Christ. To the west, “MADIBA” is a hero, what about to some of his people? If there is any global leader on whom we can endlessly heap praise from the continent of Africa, it is him. The African god of nonviolent that they have brainwashed you to believed.

As an educated Liberian-American brother, Nelson Mandela had more than a few blemishes, like the present First African Female Head of State Madame Sirleaf of Liberia, which merits attention.To break the news to you, Madiba “HATED” Whites. And if you study the facts and do a thorough research he was probably paid, right after he got out of prison, the goal was not to wage (war) violence against those who he once called the “oppressors.” This payment was accepted, followed by national and global FAME. The Madiba Black South “Africans” knew was the one who signed off on the euthanasia of innocent South Africans, lots of them. Mandela was also the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the incendiary wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party.

At once, he was put on the CIA most wanted terrorist list. At his hearing, he had beseeched condemned to 156 acts of civil violence including assembling terrorist bombardment operations, which established explosives in public places where the Whites lived, including the Johannesburg railroad station. Many innocent South Africans, including women and children, were murdered by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorist group. The world had managed to sell this man to us without focussing on what his life really means. To me, it means that I can be a violent person today, killed innocent people and be hailed a world’s hero the next.That’s hypocritical.

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