Meet “FOREIGN” straight outta the Mile High.

The English meaning of the word foreign is; “located away from one’s native country.” But when you refer to “Foreign” by this word, it means: different from the base (rest). This also best represents his enthusiasm for music. Foreign motives are not to be the next Jay Z or Pac. He’s the first of his kind. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, he’s a product of unrelenting circumstances rooted from a harsh environment. Many times his aspirations to live was tested; whether it was the horrific automobile accident of 2014 or the venom the streets injected into his veins.

When you hear his music, you are taken on a journey into a culture that’s different than the American narratives. Foreign once asserts “I take my life experiences-blood, sweat, tears and all, and crush every track I put out. I put more feelings into it; I never see myself as an ordinary rapper, but a vibrant storyteller. I am done with two EP and one album, which is titled “Humble,” 2017 would be the year; it should be out in the summer of 2017.”

His music doesn’t leave out the characters real women prefer to discover and see in a man. Foreign guarantee that you’ll get the best of Afro-Trap ( Afro-Trap music is characterized by its gloomy, bleak and gritty emotional content. It originated from American trap music, but with a twist of African beat and lyrical present.) The new face of Afro-trap is Foreign.

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