Put an End to Pedophilia in Liberia

Some government officials in Liberia need to start thinking about creating a law that will put “Child” Pedophile in Prison, including themselves. Sleeping with girls and boys, young as thirteen years old is a “CHILD” pedophile, it’s not stunning. Stunning is when you get someone your age.That’s What stunning is.

Like my bro, Alvin Nyemah said: “Some of you used up all your government income tax money just to get to Monrovia and sleep with girls that can be as young as your daughters.”

Some of you focus on sending Liberian girls to school. “LET GIRLS LEARN.”How would these young teenage girls “LEARN” when you have someone as old as their Dad trying to plug them? Sorry, Michelle Obama, I have to break the news to you, whatever millions you gave the Present Liberian government is going to be used for their own benefits. Not the benefits of the girls of LIBERIA. We need to put an end to Child Pedophilia in Liberia. It’s disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach.

For those government officials and well off men who steal the Liberian people money and are sleeping with our sons including innocent teenage boys. You need to stop molesting those boys. Child Molestation should be labeled a crime.You are part of the reasons Liberia will never develop especially when it comes to “Human Rights” issues.

“This is something that is becoming a problem in Liberia, surpassing rape and molestation of young girls.”- Emotionz Smith

This just doesn’t happen in Liberia alone; it happens all over the continent, and it’s time we say no to this kind of sickening behaviors and protect our daughters/teenage sons.This is not part of “African” culture either. You can find “SICKO” in every part of the world.‪#‎ProtectthechildrenofLiberia‬/Africa.