What is KnoxFund?

Through our 3-stage process of Learn-Invest-Earn, KnoxEdge is able to create social strategies for crypto/metaverse index as a DAO. The first stage of Learn2Earn is conducted on our very own AI-powered and community-driven KnoxMarket. The second stage of voting and investing is carried out on Commonwealth and…


Dear Knoxers, we would first like to thank everyone for your early support and participation in governance week to decide the future of KnoxEdge DAO, but we have some bad news to share today. Pressured by KNX price decline & KNX airdrop distribution this week, we wanted to apply for…

Tanish: Hey d, the ubeswap community welcomes you. How’s it going there?

D: Thank you for having me. Awesome! Beautiful morning here.

Tanish: Let’s start with the first session of the ama. Where I will ask a few questions.

D: Sounds good. Let’s get started.

Tanish: Let’s start the AMA…


A Community-Driven Learning & Investing Platform

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