Have You Ever Seen Such Blue

There is a blue the moon casts at least one morning each year before it disappears from sight, buried in the ever glow of the sun. It is different in a way only one understands. It is never the same person. Never the same eyes, heartbeats. Why? Because others don’t see it. Yet or not at all.

This colour is life. But it is also strife, joy, wonder, hate, and even death. A blue that takes a finality and poses a single question: where are you now?

One can choose not to answer, but the softness of the color presses hard on pondering; presses on an answer.

It does not rush for it knows it cannot have the answer even if it is given. For the answer is not for the moon’s question, but for those who do not have the courage to ask their selves.

Have you ever seen such blue? One that makes you think, why am I here? What do I owe this world that I have to stay? A blue nudging those fastened at the crossroads.