What To Do When Approached with an Acquisition Proposal?

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7 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice — Glilot Capital Partners

Two months ago, I wrote a blog about 7 things to do when you get an acquisition proposal. I’ve received many great comments and additional suggestions from several entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts.

All 7 of them had joined this roller-coaster in the past and were kind enough to share their pieces of advice with all of us.

Here are seven things you should consider along the way:

  1. Think, What is Your Value?

“Make sure you fully understand the strategy of the buyer in regards to your company — this will help you calculate and provide evidence of what your potential value is to them. Even though they are aware of it, remembering to communicate your value to your champion within the organization (or to the Corp Dev, for example) will help with negotiating and ensuring that you maximize the opportunity provided to you.”

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7 Things to do when you get an acquisition proposal

You started your startup a while ago.

Things have been fun for the most part and, at the same time, you’ve had your fair share of tough days. It’s taken some time, plus a whole lot of grit, but you’ve been preparing yourself to go all the way and build something epic.

Out of nowhere, you get a call from a contact you’ve known for a while. They’re from a big company that wants to buy your business.

What should you do?

I have been involved in twelve Exits to date. Three as an entrepreneur and nine as an investor. I cannot count the number of times that I, or one of my partners/colleagues, was approached regarding an acquisition of a related company. So much has been said and written about running a startup — but hello? …

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Could “Partially-Distributed” be the Model of the Future?

A few months ago, before the world got turned on its head by the COVID-19 crisis, I was discussing the concept of “fully distributed” companies with a colleague. For those of you who have not heard the phrase before, it refers to companies which have been built, from day one, as fully remote, maintaining no physical presence, with all employees working from home. The model has gotten a fair amount of attention recently, pre-COVID-19, thanks to companies like HashiCorp, which make it seem like fully distributed is the way of the future.

Only a couple of months have passed, and now all of us (that is, those whom still have jobs) have been forced to work from home. …


Kobi Samboursky

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Glilot Capital Partners. a serial entrepreneur at heart with over 25 years of experience in various technology and investments

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