How Kobster Elite Is The Best Procurement Tool In The Market

Over the years, technology and websites have changed the way shoppers shop for products ranging from cars to homes to electronics with the virtual money — getting used to their debit/credit cards. This evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way B2B companies and their client approach buying and selling, as well.

Business buyers are more aware and read about buying than the consumers, obviously. Sellers must be spontaneous in responding. For buyers and sellers alike, this creates ambiguity, peer pressure, and opportunity all at once.

From the business buyers’ point of view, internet provides an easy access to information and it enables self-containment without somebody’s suggestion. When a business buyer wants to know about what he/she requires and things related to the product that they are looking for, a simple letter “Bulk..” yields thousand of results, including online articles, videos, white papers, blogs, and social media posts. In addition to vendor websites that showcase specific domain specific information about the product/company, there are numerous websites helping the users to determine what is the best (ranging from the self-serving to the unbiased) to help buyers learn and compare how the product is different from the rest.

The New Age Business Buying — KOBSTER ELITE

Buyers are at different levels of self-sufficiency: any single buyer can be at one level for some purchases and at a different level for others. Sometimes buyers prefer to eliminate the traditional salesperson completely. According to one of the corporate clients of Kobster Elite, a new age procurement tool, simplifying sourcing: “Kobster’s Elite Portal is a customized self-service purchasing portal, making reorders easy, track shipping, and return products hassle-free.” Other times buyers seek help from salespeople. The same corporate client relies on salespeople when evaluating new technologies: He also added that “It’s more efficient to work with a few trusted salespeople, compared to spending hours on my own, skimming through all the information and misinformation that’s out there.”

Kobster Elite being a tool that helps both the “super expert” customers and the “information seeking” customers by putting out precise information required to convince the customer both with quality and a knack to develop a pattern to study how businesses purchase which are used for further scrutiny and sales development.

How Kobster Elite Is The Solution For All Business Requirements?

As Kobster needs a more customized approach to reaching business customers, we have a big arsenal of data and technology at our convenience. One Customer Relationship Manager for every client, data management, analytics showcasing purchases- charts explaining expenditure, infrastructures (, and information (e.g., big data) gives Kobster the knowledge about buyers and enable sales force members to make smarter decisions. We being a seller who has already connected with customers primarily work on improving the experiences with us to retain them for a longer run.

Kobster always gauges the impact of information technology and digital channels from the seller’s perspective. Here are examples from several industries in which we are already serving. Here are the snippets from Kobster’s Digital Marketing Head- Mr.Narayan Shanbhag

  • Finding Corporate customers: “Digital Media allows us to cost-effectively reach out to more prospects and showcase our services.”
  • Understanding hospitality customers: “Big data and analytics help us improve customer targeting and achieve more cost-effective deployment.”
  • Acquiring advertising customers: “We now have richer demographic information to help us create more powerful promotional messages, resulting in more leads.”
  • Serving and growing logistics and improving the overall delivery time: “Our Operations team use an amazing automated system to figure out the delivery spot and their inputs on how the service was extended helps us keep moving ahead over the times.”

Success of Kobster also required many sales force changes beyond information technology and digital solutions. To start, salespeople at Kobster have new competencies. Customers are no longer interested in meeting with “talking brochures,” so our salespeople are much more than share product information. They have adapted to each customer’s level of knowledge and self-sufficiency. They have started to email the clients, they conduct webinars, converse with clients through video conferencing, and other tools judiciously to maximize their own productivity and make things more efficient for buyers. They help Kobster in coordinating customer outreach across multiple communication channels to ensure buyers get a well-orchestrated and consistent message from us.