Remembering Aubrey McClendon
E. Blake Jackson

Thank you Blake. I included a copy of your Aubrey rememberance with the following note to my colleagues in OKC:

“I have spent enough time in Oklahoma, that my family knows many of the places, people, businesses and names of colleagues in OKC. OKC is the next closest place to home I know next to Chicago. It is with much pride, that I enjoy engaging untraveled Chicagoans on the vitality, sophistication and energy of OKC. Aubrey is certainly a great contributor to the OKC I love.

Given the news of Tuesday evening and then Wednesday morning, I have struggled with how to explain Aubrey’s real story to my young sons that would be understood and appreciated. This column by, Blake Jackson, a former Chesapeaker, is an elegant way to tell the story.

I believe our lives are increased by how much of our own we give away to impact others positively, this certainly explains the greatness of Aubrey’s life.”

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