Factors you should care before constructing basements!

Renovation of home requires large investment. Most of the people plan for renovating their house to give new look and of course to increase the value of their hard earned asset. But sometimes, these renovations are just a part of repairs. In our routine life, we face many problems that require instant solutions like electricity problem in house. You often fix electrical problems by the night.

But there are some problems like water leakage, which require urgent solution but in actual is the most neglected part in our home improvements. As per the modern trend, most homeowners prefer basement because of its multi utility benefits. Though, basements are not easy to construct but it provides a lot more space which you can utilize as an extra room for entertainment purpose, office use or just an extra storage room.

But apart from a long feature list, there are several things that turn this beautiful place into headache for every owner. Yes! If you ignore few facts while construction, you will spend your whole life in finding faults that lead to leakage problem. Leakage is like a bad spot on the beauty of your home. It not only damage the walls, roofs, paint but also damage the entire look of your home. And bad odor is something that always welcome your guests if your house is facing leaking problem.

Things you should care while constructing basements are:

Proper slope of the soil: Make sure that sloping direction of ground is away from foundation. If possible, add around 2” feet dirt that slope against the foundation. As water goes where it finds way. So it’s better to evaluate the perimeters of your house.

Roof drainage system: Heavy rainfall means collection of water on roof, gutters and everywhere. What you need to ensure is downspouts position. It should be at least 5 feet away from foundation walls.

No plants near foundation wall: If you don’t want water to seep into your basement, avoid planting near the foundation wall. In measurable terms, shrubs or plants should be 12inch away from foundation.

Repair defects before it gets worse: If you find any defect during construction, it’s better to cure that instantly before it gets worse.

Waterproofing: Make sure that your contractor is using effective waterproofing products during construction and bridging all the possible gaps between ground and foundation walls.

Paint: Painting is considered as the last phase of construction. It makes your house livable and attractive in appearance. But here you also need to take care of quality. Waterproof paints are the best product for your basement walls that not only resist water but also protect you against algae, mold or mildew etc.

So, when you start your new home project, take care of above mentioned factor to avoid hassle in future.