Entering red square on a dark rainy night


We all know the feeling, that overwhelming dread that you can’t control, the feeling that everything is collapsing down around you. You want to run away, where do you go? I know where I go I make a fifteen minute walk thru my college campus and take a seat at red square.

For those of you who don’t know (which is all of you seeing as I am addressing this to the general public) I go to WWU or more specifically Western Washington university. The campus here is green to say the least, like it could be easily argued that it is a bit much at times, but hey it looks nice so who’s complaining. WWU is located in Bellingham, it’s the biggest city in Whatcom county but it feels like a small town. Everyone is nice and generous and they want you to be happy. But to segway into the actual purpose of this review, even in good environments like this you still get overwhelmed at times, and I mean college isn’t exactly stress free. When I feel this stressed out i go to (as stated in the opening paragraph) my campus’ red square.

Sure I know what you’re saying, “what makes your campus’ red square so special when I went to Uni there was a red square and it was just a place to pass thru”. I hear you and hey that's probably true and it's because the person who designed the red square at your university was lazy. the red square here is designed to be zen. The bricks have a very standardized crisscrossed pattern throughout the entirety of campus, the bricks are laid out the same almost anywhere you go but in red square it is much more deliberate. Our red square is laid out to resemble a Zen garden. You rake everything in a normal pattern to set your base. After that you put in your important objects like the skyviewing sculpture*(1), the fountain*(2) or the trees. You then rake circles around the objects*(3). These can actually be seen in the brick pattern because there are circles in those areas. After that you ad your “doors” to the Zen garden rake patterns by putting semi circles on the walls there used to be four in front of the four major buildings in red square but they rebricked one of the sides wrong taking out the door and the base pattern.

1. Skyveiwing sculpture
2. The fountain in its super fun non functioning state
3.Brick pattern changes the standard is on the right the circle is on the left

Other than the zen brick patterns red square is a beautiful place that many people use for many different purposes. It isn’t uncommon to see someone doing something creative be it dance or music. It also isn’t uncommon to see someone promoting something be it a group, club or your imminent eternal damnation. When it comes to looks red square is pretty impressive. It is an all red brick square common area (hence the name RED SQUARE) near the center of the square is a big blue fountain that is or isn’t running depending on the weather and time of day. The square also sports a couple of standard picnic tables to sit at a sprinkle of trees to keep the green feel of the and even has a few statues to ogle at.

Red square is the center of campus and is easily accessible from anywhere you are. One of its only shortcomings is the elements. If it is survivable outside you cant be in red square seeing as it is one hundred percent out doors. Also from where I live in Buchannan Towers it takes about fifteen minutes to get there and if you are teetering on the precipice of insanity and need to calm down FAST it might not be ideal.

Red square might just seem like a standard term when talking about colleges but not here, I mean at least for me. Red square is and will be my go to place to help calm myself down those nights I am staying up late to finish homework or catch up on missed work. It’s just nice and feels nice and really for what it is that is all that really matters.