The Line

Sweat forms on my palms as the murmurs of those behind me overpower my thoughts. Did I make a mistake coming here? I try to justify my actions today, the choices, the bridges I burned. Were the people I crossed worth it? I try to reflect on my deeds, and pray someone up above can find the power in their heart to forgive me. Deep down I know there is a miniscule chance my prayer can compete with so many others.

How many others standing around me got here the same way? How many would spill blood to get here? I try to divert my attention, it just brings me down thinking what people are capable of. I shudder at the thought as a deep breath of frigid air passes my lips. The burn is a reminder, when so many others failed, I succeeded. My eye catches the clock just in time to see the second hand push the minute hand one step closer to victory.

As my feet shuffle forward, I know I will leave this place with more enemies than when I arrived. It’s arousing to think about everyone I’ve outdone.

My heart races as the doors open, the time has come. Laughter explodes from me like a madman. The displays reflect their jealous glares as I grab the only camera on sale. It paid off, the cutting, the distracting, the bribery, it all paid off. All for the sake of saving money on Black Friday.