Although motivation and goals can be effective into persuading people to buy a product or follow an ideal, but often times fear can work ten times better. Fear drives people more than hope and that is why it is so effective in controlling people. The only downside to this method is that it cannot be used on every product or idea, and many people will become numb to it if used too much.

Peta was the first company that I thought of when discussing fear in media because they tend to place humans in the place of animals that are being mistreated. No one cares when they see a cow or dog chained down and shackled but the second a human person is placed, they cry out in outrage. It makes the population feel uncomfortable to see a person being tortured and humiliated like that, but why only when It’s a human? Seeing an animal like that may bother us a bit, but not enough to actually care.

The reason this ad works so well is because it gives us something to connect to. It forces human emotion into something that you would normally pass over. People being put into those situations scares the viewer because it feels like our human rights are being taken away and that it could happen to us. People are selfish and if it doesn’t affect them in any way then they will not put an ounce of emotion into it.

Fear is such an effective advertising strategy because it is an emotion that cannot be faked. It can cause people to over think and draw out ideas that they would have never come up with in a different state of mind. During a state of fear people don’t think as rationally can be manipulated very easily.

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