Ford has been making advertisements for years and have put in millions, most likely billions of dollars into it. The company has been going strong for so long, so they obviously have a good understanding of what needs to be portrayed in their advertisements in order to appeal to customers. I believe that this advertisement is effective, because of its simple, abstract design, and how easy it is to look at.

Rather than take the cliche photo of the car in front of some beautiful lake, or driving through the city with lights shining over it, they decided to go with an incredibly simplistic design. In my opinion, that also happens to be the most comforting and beautiful aspect of the advertisement.

There are so many ads for products that have text snd images everywhere on the page, and want to get out as much information as necessary so that you have either a basic understanding of the product, or so that you’re convinced to buy it. With pages like that, your mind scatters to easily and it isn’t easy to retain all the info once you’ve moved on anyway. The beauty of this ford ad is that it proves how little information you actually need to create a successful advertisement.

The framing is also a very key component in this picture. Not only does the enormous “Ford” text direct your eyesight down to the car, but the abstract shapes surround the car to make it the star of the ad. your eyesight will most likely start by reading “Ford Focus RS”, and continue downwards to inspect the car. The only open white path left (that isn’t obstructed by the blue crystals) takes you down to their slogan and logo.

The last piece of the puzzle that makes this ad effective, is the choice of colors. All the colors on the page match and are very easy to the eyes. Nothing is too bright to jump out at you and distract you from the other elements of the page and every crystal is a very calm shade of blue. The text and shape both match the car and portray it as an easy going, safe car that won’t cause you any problems that you have to worry about.

In conclusion, I believe that this ad is effective because of the framing and the color choice, but most importantly because of the simplicity and ease. The flow of the ad is very easy to follow and understand, and gives you all the information that you need, and doesn’t try to force any extra on you.

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