Some shows like Ellen shine positive light on gay characters and portray them as realistically as they can, while other shows use as many stereotypes as they can to make fun of them such as Family Guy with many of their cut scenes. But Interestingly enough, American Horror Story mixes the two in a very unique way. While most people might believe that including gays in the show might be an insult, I believe that it treats them very equally and rightfully.

The show is known for being very creepy, uncomfortable, and has a very scary/edgy style to it. And knowing this, the addition of gay characters might make people hesitant about whether they’re being made fun of. The first gay couple that was introduced was Chad and Patrick. Right off the bat, the two of them have the very split personalities of stereotypical vs realistic. Chad is very emotional and flamboyant while Patrick acts like any average guy (average meaning following society rules). However, the reason that their inclusion is good and beneficial for the portrayal of gays is because of how normal they seem in the enviroment. Each character has their own problems and disadvantages and these two characters are introduced flawlessly right into that mess. I think it is a good portrayal because it stands them equally next to every other person and they are treated just as crazy as everyone in the house. They do not get treated special or poorly, their sexuality is rarely even mentioned in the whole season and they function properly.

Season two directly followed the life of Lana Winters who is a lesbian. Her story is even more uplifting and empowering then the gay couple in season one because they make her such a strong willed and independent person. The entire season follows her and all the torture and pain she endures by being trapped in a mental asylum against her will and she not only survives it, but she becomes harder and stronger because of it. She endured months in a mental asylum, she was kidnapped by a serial killer who killed the woman she was in a relationship, and she shot her own son. Her journey showed that she may no be straight, but she is just as good if not better than any woman out there as she went from being a scared, innocent reporter to a powerful, confident best selling author.

American Horror Story is such a good fit for gay characters because of the freakish nature of the show. People can say that including them with these crazy people is demeaning but in reality it’s an image of equality. We are all freaks and we all have our own problems, this show supported the idea that we can all be powerful regardless of sexuality and clearly demonstrated the two sides of how homosexuals are represented both in stereotypical, and in realistic media.

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