Bare tree branches against a blue night sky with stars.
Image by AdamNir from Pixabay.

Autumn’s Overture

She heard the crows calling, causing echoes between the buildings of her block. Autumn’s overture.

While bachelors flocked, she observed a golden leaf cling a little longer to the aspen, before it gently tumbled to the ground. One last dance in the fresh air that promised a clear night sky with scintillating stars. Somewhere up there, 1103 Sequoia looked down on its namesakes rooted on another continent, and while from up there, this world might look small, she felt how everything was connected.

She wondered if, tonight, he looked up at the same sky, noticing.

— -

This microfiction was inspired by the following writing prompts:

#FromOneLine 319, #BrknShards (echoes), #vss365 (overture), #Whistpr (cling), #rise365 (fresh), #MastoPrompt (scintillating), #vssnature (sequoia)



Stefanie Neumann

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