Barely illuminated face of a screaming woman in the dark behind glass with stains of water drops.
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay.


I screamed to see it gone, but the pain persisted. With it, a deluge of emotions surged through my body until I cried a serenade. A frame of relief to outfit me, before everything melted down to a soup of agony, its weight about to squash me. The room started to spin, then all was black.

— -

This microfiction was inspired by the following writing prompts:

#FromOneLine 317, #rise365 — deluge, #brknshards — serenade, #mpotd — frame, #MastoPrompt — outfit, #MicroPrompt — soup, #vssnature — squash, #whistpr — spin, #vss365 — black



Stefanie Neumann

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