A Big Entrance

When it finally stopped, everyone clapped.

The belle of the cosmos I had stepped onto the stage to skid, turn and nosedive into a pile of down-filled pillows. My face turned colour like a fluffy chameleon when I prayed for the earth beneath to open and give me shelter.

They hadn’t warned me it would be so slippery.

— -

This microfiction was inspired by the following writing prompts:

#FromOneLine 315 (first and last line), #vss365 (belle), #BrknShards (cosmos), #whistpr (fluffy), #vssnature (chameleon), #rise365 (shelter).



Stefanie Neumann

Through the art of awareness I am shining a bright light on the path of beingness.♥You cannot think an experience.But you can thank for it.♥My own content is ©.