2nd Week : Class Introductions

This week is the week that I decided to take CPE 351 Class. Before I decided to join the class, I searched about Ubiquitous Computing. The definition show it related to working with sensors, microprocessors, I/O and user interfaces which including design applications, UX/UI design of software, and etc. Then I searched about Wearable Systems that is somethings that are related to design in physical which is like every gadget. Things that came up in my brain is “Apple Watch” that take me to another level of interesting to take this class either.

UX/UI Design
It catch me to take this class because I’ve take is embedded system this semester and involving how to get best designing to user-centered the most.

So, this week is likely that first week for me, so when I was in class, Aj.Priyakorn give a full definitions about ubiquitous computing and wearable system said that it is somethings related to

“User-centered design perspective for wearable and ubiquitous computing platforms and applications that come from ideas you have but not only the first ideas that come up maybe not the best ideas yet because everyone could think of it at first second when it come up in your brain”

Good example to image the Human centered Design

After the class, I went back to my dorm and search for UX/UI applications design is named “Sketch” which is pretty neat apps on Mac to design like webpages, iOS, Android, Mac, and even material. Here below of what it look like

Example of Sketch apps for iOS template that application provided.

Now I always using it when I have to do a applications design with a lot of icons and texture for me to do with easier ways of designing things.

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