3rd Week : History Class

A Great Movie to Watch; It’s first computer in the world

This week is all about history or another word is “Era of Computer” generations. As I can remember clearly that the first computer in the world is invented in World War 2 (happened in 1940) that it take to translate the code or pattern of languages that Germans’s army communicate with each other in order to give order to crew to drop missile. Because humans aren’t fast enough to decode and to understand the command with different pattern of sending text that could make British lose the war. This called “Colossus computer” and it acted like Mainframe ;Known as it take a lot of space to operate, used by professional only and use a lot of power.

Ubiquitous computing does not yet exists. It become smaller and smaller as times goes by; Then there is a new devices that become popular is Personal Computer that invented by Apple, IBM mostly in that time with Windows and Mac Os X operating systems.

IBM’s first computer without mouse

The Era of Ubiquitous Computing is begin by,

“Mark Weiser” Who predict that devices will become a part of your life and environments in the future.
Mark Weiser (1952–1999)

At that times, most of people are laughing at him, not long. Some of big company take his word and do it. Then there is a palm and tablet are invented and not very popular at that times. It get more and more of users, days by days. Now in 2016, Most of people in the world have at lease two devices that are smart mobile phone and computer laptop. So Mark Weiser was right about his words he said back in 1988.