5th Week : Ambient Smart Environment

This week are the week that we are step into ambient intelligent that related to the technology which matter to people’s feeling, user interaction with it to feel you are part of it. Not just another devices, somethings that depend on people’s environment or people’s behavior and we need to implement with physical world which may related to Artificial intelligence that are consist of it’s systems, services, and devices.

So what meaning of Ambient Intelligence exactly?

Ambient Intelligence is a environments that surrounded by Smart Interfaces that also embedded in my objects and it has memory that can interact with people in different ways without mentioned it before or disappears.

Ambient Intelligence consist of these symbolic

Embedded — is somethings that communicate over network and can be parts of environments.
Context-Aware — is a conditions that in some situations or environments that device know how to handle it, or to find locations.
Personalized and Adaptive — is a implementation that user are centered as Mark Weiser mentioned before.
Anticipatory — is that device can be learn through user interactions and the needs of each user pretty well.
This will lead to Artificial intelligence(AI) or Intelligent Service System in the future.

Another related topic : Smart Environment, Smart Home.

Is one of the topic that according to Mark Weiser said that. In the real world, it fulfill with sensors, controlling, monitoring, and computation through embedded system that we live among it without mentioned for like CCTV are one of the essential system that we can use to monitoring any activities that happen around many cities.

I see some example of Dubai City which really efficient that most of the country because it was build few years ago. So that it is easy to implement technology or embedded to it. The most essential and basic technology is traffic control system at Dubai are stunning effective that there are a lot of sensors working with CCTV camera to know numbers of cars in which area and calculate the length of waiting time of each intersections in order to decrease traffic jams during rush hours. CCTV in Dubai are smartest that it know when people in the city brake the laws like passing though red light and then it will capture license place number and send a bill for them to pay. This technology also use image processing to detect many event like stealing, fighting, shooting, and more. Another great inventions is electricity usage control, of every house in Dubai are installed devices to monitors electricity of each house and send data to main control of the city. They will be rewarded if that house use less electricity energy less than the other houses in the city with discounted on electricity bills.