I listened to a powerful podcast with Grant Cardone last night. He shared keen insight on his thoughts and use of the #socialstreaming platforms Meerkat and Periscope. More on what he said in a moment.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, meerkat and periscope are apps that let you live stream from your phone or tablet. You can push the stream to your Twitter page, have followers and comment on other people streams.

I will be honest here. When I first heard about Meerkat, I quickly downloaded it and started using it. I followed other Meerkaskers and got swept up in the culture. All of this took place before Periscope came out. I must admit, I was a Meerkat fanboy. I have a t shirt around here somewhere.

The morning Pericope dropped, I was like every other techie and MeerFan. I downloaded the app and started comparing the two straight away. Over some time, I found myself neatly picking the two platforms apart instead of using them. I fell into the hype, stop streaming and became a critic. I missed out on helping and meeting so many new people because I was trying to monday morning quarterback their apps. I eventually chose to only use Meerkat. Why not? I already had the t shirt and was indoctrinated into the meerculture. It wasn’t very long I was not streaming at all.

Big Mistake.

Why? I fell in love with the finger and not what the finger was showing me. Now…back to Cardone. The podcast is Periscope Vs Meerkat. You know we love to pick a team or choose sides. So many people called in expressing their love for either app. He spent almost an hour dropping jewels. He slayed us when he revealed which was his favorite app. I was floored when he said he loves neither one. His love is for his business, brand and family.

He said he USES them both(all). He explained how you cut yourself off from your audience by not doing so. You have to go everywhere your people are. Use these apps and platforms to be noticed and expand your brand. You have to be everywhere.

This makes perfect since to me. When I do watch TV, I can channel surf and see the same show on three different networks at the same time. I’ll bet the royalty checks are pouring in. It’s about time we use the tools we have to build a strong brand. They both do the most important thing. Bring attention to your brand.