What do I think about Snapchat vs Instagram stories?

The question is not how Sc will answer IG, but how will the response help the Sc community? Privacy?

We kind of know where snaps go when they are gone. Where will your ig stories go when they are gone? 🤔

If twitter followed suit, which platform would you spend the most time on?

IG have a lot of subscribers. The same thing happened to Meerkat and Periscope.

IG is an established brand ( in social social soft wear terms). It will come down to privacy and how you use the app.

You have to figure out which platform you feel most comforts on and your reach.

Let’s keep it 💯. We act and share differently from app to app.

Do not get it twisted. If your content is not good no one will want to see it on snapchat nor instagram.

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