50,000 th and still counting-Let’s Safe Drive Save Life!

Team Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO is proud to announce that we have successfully trained and mobilized 50,000 school students! Our KarmYog facilitators along with the Kolkata Police Team has given their full energy to help enlighten students on better Road Skills, preparing the young Pothorokkhis for a better and safer city!

It’s a happy moment for all stakeholders in the Andolan and for each and every student who have participated and flown with the enriching mantra of Safe Drive Save Life! The long dreamt vision of our Chief Minister Srimati Mamata Banerjee is being revolutionised and taken forwarded by several police officials and the Life Skills experts of KarmYog. And the journey from 100 students to 50,000 studens has been a roller coaster journey!

Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO is India’s first ever Road Movement dealing with the biggest public space… the Roads and the ways to use it.

Yes! Our hard work has bought colours! The Movement has reached the hearts of 50,000 school students already and we know.. that the counting has just begun!

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