A day at Academy of Bright Career School

Every Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO Session is unique in its own way! The fun filled OmniDEL platform has become a medium of Education for millions in the City Of Joy! Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO has touched upon hundreds of Schools…but some schools have their own stories to add to the Kolkata JAAAGO mission! Today the Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO Session was held in Academy of Bright Career School.

Academy of Bright Career School is a school established in a small lane of Central, Kolkata.The school ushers in poor Muslim children to help them study and grow in life.

When I reached this school today I was informed by the Principle of the school Mrs. Serena Shazia that previously the children were involved in various social activities organised by the West Bengal Government and Kolkata Police. The School has as rich history of association with the Kolkata Police and how the children participated in various Kolkata Police Ventures to build a “Clean City”.

When the Session started, all the children cheered for Safe Drive Save Life, coming up with various ideas to build as Safer and Better City! Yes… Academy of Bright Career School emerged to be one of the most responsive schools of Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO Mass Education Campaign.

After the Session, the enthusiastic teachers arranged a Poster Making Competition in which students were told to make posters and banners on the theme of Safe Drive Save Life. Our Kolkata Police Sergeant Shri Subhankar Debnath was requested to judge and declare the winner of this Poster Making Competition. And the results were wonderful! Each and every poster was colourful and had an impactful message! Kolkata JAAAGO has once again succeeded to inspire the kids and has empowered them to make a Change!

Yasmin Sheikh, a boy of class 8 was declared the winner. And here we have a picture of him with his creative poster!

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