Dissolving Entertainment in Education

Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO is fast becoming a part of the academic schedule in schools of Kolkata. The Session is high on values and is intricately weaved with music and activities making the routine entertaining yet educational.

In this 21st at Century, where Entertainment is showing the way of life and replacing Education. Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO has discovered a platform where education is dissolving entertainment. Visionary Life Skills Educationist Mahacharya Shri sourabh J sarkar has invented an Omni dimensional platform which delivers education in an entertaining manner and that’s what working magically with drivers and students.
Rules, Regulations, Skills and Values where boring and tedious for the students and drivers until Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO arrived in the City. The campaign offers quality education in an engaging way. The Sessions conquer the heart and mind of the mass and at the same time uses their energy to literate them on fundamentals of Life. Starting from an 8 year old school student to a 53 years old driver, all are caught in the same frenzy to “Wake Up” and build a Safer City together. So let’s come together and make a difference!
“Swapno Nogori Gori Cholo”
“Kolkata JAAAGOr hath dhoro”

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