Meeting Star Sergeant-Purnendu Roy

Like every Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO session, the session held at Taki House Government School was deeply exciting and enraptured children in an all engaging platform.. but the best part of the whole session was meeting Star Sergeant of Shealdah Traffic Guard, Mr. Purnendu Roy.

When I reached Taki House Government school, our Star Sergeant had already perfected the auditorium where the Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO Session would take place. This was one of the rarest thing! As most of the time.. It takes a lot of our time to set up the OmniDEL platform. 
As the students entered the hall, I saw a bunch of smiling boys greeting and saluting Purnendu Sir. They were ventilating, how each one of them had wore their helmets and arrived at school with their parents, how one of them had helped a blind man to cross the road and how they have stopped cycle racing on the roads. I was amazed and happy! This man...had actually succeeded to transform the lives of this children. He was one of the most friendliest and easy going Policeman who had succeeded to become more a friend than a strict guardian to several kids. 
When the Session started and I stepped on the podium...I heard every kid cheering for Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO. During the session, I called our Star Sergeant to take over the stage and the experience was enriching! With the OmniDEL Road Education, Purnendu Sir in a fun way taught the children about the importance of Road Values. His speech was full of charisma and his voice held every kid’s attention. As an OmniDEL facilitator I was surprised to see such a convincing approach taken up by a policeman.
After the Session, I saw a smile of contentment on his face... I congratulated him for his efforts and strive. His eyes were full of hope as he saluted the Kolkata JAAAGO banner and said “Swapno Holeo Shotti Hotepare Tobe Jaaagte Hobe” (It is a dream but can come true if we wake up)

So let’s come forward and fulfil our dream of a Safe Kolkata.. Together!!

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