Measuring how jaagrito you are: the KarmoMeter app story

In an unique initiative by Kolkata Police and KarmYog for 21st Century, Safe Drive Save Life - Kolkata JAAAGO has reached about 8000 drivers under various Traffic Guards all over Kolkata! To ensure proper surveillance of these drivers on road, KarmYog has come up with the Karmometre app — a performance management system. Once they are registered in the KarmYog Tabmaster under their respective Learning Clubs, through this app drivers will receive feedback realtime from the passengers in terms of service and police in terms of adherence to rules on road.

The need for such a system was felt as much by the top officials of Kolkata Police as Mahacharya Shri sourabh J, sarkar. After attending OmniDEL sessions under Learning Clubs, drivers receive a JAAAGRITO driver badge with their unique scan code on it. Once the app is downloaded in a smart phone, one can scan this unique code and get all details about the respective driver.

The information about the drivers consist of the following:

· Passenger Reviews- rating from excellent to poor

· Years of driving experience

· License No.

· Type of Belt Holder

It also comes with a service review option, which enables a passenger to rate the driver based on the service he provides. The belt type for a driver combines scoring from passengers and policemen, and performance in Learning Clubs to form a report card. For eg., a driver with a black belt provides excellent service while that with a yellow belt is not a good performer.

This app serves as an unique way to measure a driver’s performance, and also encourages them to follow traffic rules day in and day out!

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