Waking up your Awareness-Kolkata JAAAGO

Every day when I visit different schools for the Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO Session, one question which comes from the Teacher’s Forum is “What is the Movement about?” when I tell them that the Movement is about ROAD SAFETY, I get a universal answer “ We have taught our students about Road Safety and We know they will very well participate in the Movement” I smile as I recollect my schools days. Yes.. as a student I was also aware of all the rules and regulations of the Road. Why not? I had to pass the Social Studies Exam with good marks!

Safe Drive Save Life-Kolkata JAAAGO is on a mission. It’s not just a class on Road Safety! It’s an experience. Through the OmniDEL(TM) platform, Kolkata JAAAGO takes each and every student through vicarious feelings of confronting accidents face to face. In Kolkata JAAAGO, we all are very well aware of the fact that each student know what should be the correct behaviour on Road. But do they follow? No! The victim who dies with a brain haemorrhage on the road also knows they he should wear a helmet while riding the bike. But does it make any difference? No. That’s why KarmYog and Kolkata Police has come forward to convert the Road Education into Implementation of Road Values not out of dread when you see the Police but to inculcate the values so that safety and awareness comes from within.

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