Why I am supporting Hillary Clinton this election!

Closed door Democratic Caucus meeting at the Iowa Capitol. I was one of the few individuals that got to meet her shortly after she announced.

It has been no secret that I have been supporting Hillary Clinton this election. I think I have supported her since her defeat in 2008 and have followed her career ever since.

Stability, service, strength and solutions… those are the things I consider when I am looking at who I want to be the next President of the United States.

The United States is at a crucial point in its history and we need someone with the background and the strength to lead and continue on a sensible path towards building a stronger middle class, lifting the lower class out of poverty, making sure that medical bills don’t bankrupt families, protecting us from the days of unaccountability on Wall Street, and making us a more caring, accepting nation. The next President needs to understand the political climate in Washington and be willing to bring together both sides of the aisle in working on solutions that benefit everyone and not just one side takes all. With that in mind here is why I think Hillary Clinton is THE option in this campaign cycle.

  1. Stability

Former Secretary Clinton has lead the United States through some of its darkest days and no one has a background in public policy and leading like she has. She played an integral part in the President Obama White House and has made sure that America restores its image across the world. She has worked closely with the current Commander-In-Chief and knows what it will take to make sure we continue on this path to full prosperity. On many issues ranging from foreign policy to LGBT individuals, she has evolved and become one of the strongest leaders in many respects. Her history with the LGBT community has been criticized, but unfortunately the criticisms have not been fair. She has evolved on many of these issues just like the majority of Americans. Its not fair to hold her to a higher standard when we currently continue to elect individuals who are still “evolving” on this issue, even though it was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in June. After announcing full support of the LGBT community, she spent time in her capacity as Secretary of State pushing the message of equality, not just in the United States but across the world. I would prefer an individual in the White House who can look at the broader picture and does not necessarily jump on the bandwagon, but evaluates and then makes a decision based on experience or their gut feelings. This is what a true leader does. On the other side, in the United States’ darkest days of the financial meltdown and the never ending assaults from countries across the world she has led with a solid hand on securing relationships that will benefit America for years to come. She will offer America stability and will carry many of the policies that have benefited America in the Obama administration over to her administration and even has said she will expand on them.

2. Service

There is no current representative in the United States that has a background as encompassing as Mrs. Clinton’s. She has been a lawyer, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and a devoted mother and now grandmother. She has spent a lot of time in positions in which she can make the biggest impact while still staying true to who she is as a person. She has helped the United States in ways that we don’t even know yet. As Secretary of State she led us through destroyed American relations, Benghazi, the strike that killed Osama Bin Laden, helped end two wars, was a huge part of the damaging sanctions on Iran and was part of the building blocks of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The last one is especially promising to America, because she got countries that have had frayed relations for years to the negotiating table to discuss and plan how to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. She has held every position possible and knows what it takes to make sure America stays a world power and keeps itself sensible in the world.

3. Strength

I mean is this something I even have to focus in on? She has been the pinnacle of strength. As a lawyer, she fought for families and spoke for those who sometimes could not even speak for themselves. As a wife, she has dealt with some of the hardest issues facing marriages and built a stronger relationship and marriage because of it. As a Senator, she fought for the middle class and represented the people who elected her. As a woman, she has been a pioneer in breaking glass ceilings and helping escort women’s equality. She has challenged her Republican colleagues and gone toe to toe with their nonsense on the Benghazi witch hunt. This all culminated in an 11-hour hearing in which she stayed strong, calm and collected under complete scrutiny. Her strength is incomparable in this race and she continues to push forward every single day. Things that would break many of us, she has pushed through them stronger for having endured each and every part.

4. and most importantly…. Solutions

Former Secretary Clinton knows what it takes to get things done in Washington. What I have found is that it is easy for Representatives, Senators, and even Presidential candidates to yell and promise things that are not always feasible with the current political climate and bureaucracy that is Washington D.C. Sure we all would love to have some of the platforms of the other candidates, but ideas are one thing. Secretary Clinton has a plan for each and every proposal she has laid out and she knows how to get it accomplished. With her years of experience at all levels she knows how to make the stalled Washington Machine start again and I have faith that she can pull all individuals to the negotiating table. Unfortunately, many Americans think we live in a one-side-takes-all society and that is not the truth. We live in a society where it works best when all individuals benefit. Anyone who looks into politics long enough can notice that our government likes to move in inches not miles. That is what makes her a great candidate because her proposals can get us to move not inches or miles, but they will move us yards in the right direction. With the ability to build on the Obama White House she will have policy proposals that will line up with the current administration, build a better tomorrow, and help every American reach prosperity. She is a Progressive American… who can get things done.

There are a lot of things that I have not touched on in this blurb, but I am confident that Mrs. Clinton has been able to push herself farther this election and will represent all Americans from the bottom to the top. Stability, service, strength, and solutions… those are the things I look for and you can see how she has evolved, even from 2008. Meeting her was my dream and she has this way about her.. she made every single person in that room (and there were quite a few) feel connected to her. She made you believe her message and its because she was speaking from her heart on these issues. She believes in the platform she is running on and has stayed away from many extremist policy preferences, because this is what it takes to get things done in America. She understand the problems that plague this country and understands how to build on the successes and learn from the failures.

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