I didn’t wish mom mother’s day.

Being a teenager, I stood upon a rock today morning​ heading out straight to the lake nearby, I refused to call friends as usual. And then my thoughts started to revolve around me, my mind fastened seatbelts, ready to begin the much needed investigation. I asked myself “when did mother’s day originated?” I took a glance at my phone before Google answered “1914". Then, I took a place near to the dearest nature making me feel like I’m even closer yet away from all.

My thoughts embarked to revolve. Do we need an occasion to share our love towards mother? I was tempting to answer​ a rude NO, but my mind kept on asking again, “If you don’t wish or post any picture with your mother in social media, do people​ think you don’t love mother?” It was annoying. I was annoyed, and annoying was the only word I knew then.

I came back home, as a strongest teenager of all time. For a moment I was sorry to my mother but now I realised that no occasion can be placed out for. My mom’s love is infinity, my love to her is a bigger infinity. I don’t need a special day to love. She is the best women god ever gave me. I’m thankful and blessed.

It’s high time for us to think. What are we losing out? Isn’t this a perfect time to grow up? I don’t really need an occasion to love my beloved mother, do you?

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