A glance in the mirror and I see a well profiled man. A man not defined by the color of his skin nor programmed by his past. Trapped in his world of thought he finds himself psychologically traveling the path of morbid curiosity. With figments so dark his vision is blurred and veiled from seeing how wondrous the world is. Driven to the very brink of sanity, he feels tethered and smothered by life’s grueling challenges. When survival instinct kicks in, he is driven to act in morally reprehensible ways living him scarred with his purity debased.

Six feet ain’t deep enough for a dead man walking. My dead and tainted soul needs resurrection and restoration. A leased soul with no purchase bargain option, If I owned this life I’d have long terminated. When will my soul ever be adorned with love and purity?…..,Or Am I the trash I’m perceived to be?…. Clouded consciousness as I introspect

Fueled by insolent thinking and faith I walk this thorny path hoping to reach the pinnacle of my life.

*Devise the plot of your life story, don’t let anyone derail and dictate which path you take in your life journey.